Trimaran Pontoon Kits

  • Our most popular solution for generous sized, liveaboard houseboats

  • A perfect float formation for beams between 3m (10 feet) and 5m (16 feet)

  • Add modular 8' segments to reach your desired length

  • Available as a full float-and-frame kit, or floats and bespoke technical plans

  • Comfortably transported and handled sections, launch without cranes!

  • Simple nut-and-bolt assembly to form a maintenance free houseboat 'hull' or versatile industrial/party raft/deck/dock/mooring.

  • The table below shows costs against lengths of 4m (13 foot) beam trimarans

  • The length, beam and buoyancy of your pontoon can be customised to suit

  • Framing available in 316 stainless, galvanised, or unfinished mild steel

  • Contact us for design support and advice no matter how far along your plans are

  • Custom sizes, shapes, formations and enquiries are welcomed

  • Email or call now for a free consultation and CAD design video of your ideas!

  • The costs outlined above are for unpainted, mild steel framing

  • The buoyancy stated is anticipating even loading, and half-submerging the floats

  • Nuts, bolts and washers to suit your assembly are included as standard

  • No cabin structure or attachment method are supplied, talk to us to customise

  • Delivery not included, contact us for a quotation (collection welcome from NG24)

  • A maximum of a five-week lead time may apply, dependent on stock levels

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