Our Framing System

Examples of structures used (or proposed) thus far on top of an assembled pontoon 'raft'  include; static caravans, shipping containers, glamping pods, log cabins, steel framed superstructures, timber framed homes, industrial workstations, horseboxes, ramped vehicle decks, launching yacht trailers, wet docks, covered boat storage, balcony decks, butties, tenders, painting platforms, lake houses, mooring pontoons, dragon boat boarding docks, powered party rafts, etc, etc!

  • Available in 316 stainless steel, perfect for peace of mind, aggressive environments and avoiding any requirement to paint or finish the framing, galvanised or UNFINISHED mild steel, ideal for budget constrained projects and those intending to finish with their own paint

  • The ‘hull’ of a houseboat using the system wouldn't require blacking or any standard, expensive maintenance

  • Each float effectively works as a floatation ‘cell’. This adds a huge amount to the safety of a vessel, plus in the unlikely case of puncture, they are replaceable even after being framed

  • Each float can comfortably account for 600kg of required vessel buoyancy; at 400mm draught and leaving a 200mm 'freeboard' of float above the waterline

  • The floats provide a massive insulatory advantage compared to traditional displacement steel hulls

  • The raft framing kit can be amended to individual requirements; eg. demountable support 'sleighs' for tidal beaching environments